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Ant & Ink

As an ant dipped in ink let loose on paper
I was
troubled by the white
reflecting all.
Stride became purposed since
ink colour is absorbed,
effecting change.
The paper hereto two dimensioned
the third laden on me back,
usurp the viewer,
bend to will,
tool! tool!
Initial meanderings collate,
furthered to collegiate.
Over time,
feel eyes on me,
better not wither.
Coagulate prior to
the fourth washing away
my imprint

Pied Piper

Pied-pipered, sweet tuned
with blinders
affirmatively pigeon holed,
sexes as in societal
roles. Teamed up
corners vary,
the more homogeneous
bite with venom spit
to rally a vaporized
collective stance.
I would gather
the mixed up bunch, the dithered
and let my village stand.

Brush aways

The air shifts, makes way
for us
the gaseous state innately empathetic.
Existence as in alive,
we do make way,
sidestep, let others pass.
but do please step thru.
Ain't empty space,
just collectibles that give way.
The import of brush aways.


Hair down,
literally waist length.
First affinity
to personalized femininity.
Brushing it made
me my sister.
Did I or didn't I actually try on
her slippers?!
Maternal grooming ending
and dreadlocks descending,
it's a creature hive.
Wrap up hide the snares.
Yuck, yuck.
Puberty now, it is everywhere,
youthful beard blending with
Sagacious looks,
sexuality subdued.
Machete appropriates,
dreadlocks severed,
razor edges cheeks,
and are bared.
Soft lips
often graze the stubble.
Milk no longer
mustache sponged.

Even keel

Even keel
the boat never rocks.
The sea itself could be mist,
wave incapable.
Walls with shelves,
threw paperbacks and
occasional hard covers
telling tales, stories, sagas.
Wow invocation.
put on a platter,
sink in teeth.
Blood & strawberry jam,
food always drips to my chin,
still absolute stillness.
Even keel,
half a century
instilled a hunger,
is cerebral.
Name it palsy,
the heart,
at even keel.
No orgasmic intensity,
impatient patience,


faster, things never speed up
there isn't any particular rush
just always need
something else
staying too long
just detonates
the body though stays still
its everything else
that needs to pace
lingering explodes
its not a hurry and there’s no finish
light speed
it’s an ambition
snails generally I mush up
cruel, no no figuratively
literally avoiding
boom boom

Labour glorified

labour glorified

dub dub dum dum
walled in three sides to quarry heights
hands effortlessly dragging
implements, steel forged sledge hammer
and spiked annealed javelin in the other
heat waves off the stone wall
inviting strikes

dub dub dum dum
herculean might (bheema de taali (something like a high five))
springy sprite
the javelin tip wedged in
cracks made to impinge
speared with speed
the hammer muscle loaded
hits and cleaves
obelisks sheared piled
one after another
surfaces exposed minerals
eye sparkle
from fractal infinitesimal


the carnal duosome
on screen
seemed like me doing me

I know each populant,
bubble dweller,
is a construct
I fill in

is movement,
elevated chequered
pieces whizzing past,
drama of
fluid dance

All in all
desires being,
slippery eels

Criss cross

Any line
then this propensity
to criss and cross

break the law
mostly feelings
not real breaks
more internalized
bendy things
I do not peddle hurt

This once & it is today
the overstepping bounds
to the outside self (better half)
causing blush excitement

but like usual the criss provoked
the cross a frown
but just a note, the excitation bit, genned
fluids pheromone heavy laced.

Pussy lube addled

Pussy lube addled
nostrils leading the charge
lip smacking form
putty to me hands in turn
me tongue putty to a clit

fuck the line
steam up some mist

thigh muffled
world recedes,
multi orgasmic
wracking at
tongue tip
jizzed thru to me toes

Feeling of engorged
this I giveth
twist me to thrill
of the taken. Thralled.

shot up, the intellect
intervenes tagging adage
“I was born of that
why wasn't I that?”

innie outie whichever
I lack

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