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A vague walk

Now and then I think I am
prince of darkness. The origin of bewildered men.
My eyes then spurt the elixir of fear,
my hands unfold a sheet of darkness
whose thickness forswears the brightness of snow,
my surefooted step tramples out whispers
of my name.
For it gambols around assured by scattered thoughts
never to agree, never to see the ray which could
spell the name.
It remains unknown still
a humbug of a jumble, like wise all reason conceivable.

And then sometimes I am Mr. Knowall
that's when I brighten up.
My thoughts return scared by none
groping hard for answers they can form.
Eludes me not the knowledge that's prized
but the content I sought.

For all other moments I am princess of
all dream lands
which govern men to strive
for days to come that would delight
brimmed with emotions they love and like.
Oh! happiness, happiness unabounds.