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Learning to feel

Somewhere along the way
I learned to breath thru the skin
oxygenated in a new way

This way I could feel

The scabbard of skin sheathing the soul
enabling nourishment,
cheek and jaw touching softness
inhaling in smells not registered
in nostrils,
coursing in the blood reaching
the brain with the
‘you’ flavored breath.

Madhosh, intoxicated to the brim
giddy settling thoughts.

Spark gap diminished,
rubberized fireband
wherever we touch.
Syncing hastened blood beats,
exchanging lassoed in
non-gaseous air.
Ensnared poignant fragrance,
essence of you, not sucked but scrubbed in.

it comes and goes,
this breath thru the skin.
Which is the keepsake
the memory or the skin borne breath.

Amulets and scarabs are out there
worn by living ones,
touching skin
captured whiffs, essence
of skin felt effervescence
of living breathe