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Labour glorified

labour glorified

dub dub dum dum
walled in three sides to quarry heights
hands effortlessly dragging
implements, steel forged sledge hammer
and spiked annealed javelin in the other
heat waves off the stone wall
inviting strikes

dub dub dum dum
herculean might (bheema de taali (something like a high five))
springy sprite
the javelin tip wedged in
cracks made to impinge
speared with speed
the hammer muscle loaded
hits and cleaves
obelisks sheared piled
one after another
surfaces exposed minerals
eye sparkle
from fractal infinitesimal

dub dub dum dum
take a swig
liquid cooled lean on
stare at the one side
horizon blue inviting

dub dub dum dum
turn and flail
crevice create
spear cleavage of
mountain breasts
gentle tapping
hammer in check
await and rip
hard stroke over the shoulder
swung parting stone
swing from peak to peak
sweat glistened
shards in skin
in focus
joy not pain
in picking
just brushed off

let’s repeat
dub dub dum dum

teen-taal (rhythmic fast tempo, char vibhag)

just labor

stupefied, materiel abound
as in twosome
fisted tools with frenzy expound

material outbound

it’s that glimmer in a child’s eye
capable, shape the (uni)verse