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Madeira, grapes with a wreath, nnn.. no wrath

Color lends to the squished
acidity to wrap the tongue
each time every time
an expectation
aged vintaged
barreled and Bacchus fermented
Final vessels glassy & crystalline
prior to the palate being teased

Meandering as inebriated
prepare to hand over reins
in percentage
to Eros(love) , Ares (war) and simpleton buffoonery
(I have embraced her with open arms but I can't name her)
in parts
Spirits as reformist filters
they Manifest faults

But not for me
fruity ether as suffrage
is an assist to daydreams
In them I have been
many beings
I am not

In turns
Gargantuan, better hung
electric to touch, luminescent,
shimmering in heat,
perpetually aroused.
it's all about having the organ
imaginably Cocked

another turn
bacchanalian dreams string them up
I am the bluish planet
Water covered orb
in resplendent splendor
circling the burning yellow ogre
The alpha I spin to
but a dance with my lassoed beta,
silvery satellite on the side
whooshes a rhythmic tidal slosh
Awash my nether parts,
ugh, uh, ah
My skirts in a furl
Triangulation complete
functional ménage à trois
waltz in elliptical swings
cyclic & unending wetting of parts
yo ho king tides are a hit

into another turn
I see me as puff pastry
Shutter me with lips, savory!
perky sweetness floats up
some content sinks
My effervescence
is yet
some kitty's pagan fluffy itty bits

bacchanalian dreams are sensate
once bottled content is gobbled up
ultimate self fellatio
Beautifulls hop me
Hops on hops
Don't stop
Pour till I drop