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Generational misogyny

Generational misogyny a societal act

often swapping nurture for lesions.

Initially (she) tasked with transferring verbal skills,

gene coded to repeat lessons that must get across.

First acts of growing out of the brood

translate to mundane talk back

wrath borne, without

malaise, contradictory yet true.

The habit forming rebel has grown up

but she exhibits abrasions

way before the empty nest

reverential slot is slated for the

seemingly quieter, yet unthinking

man about the house.

She, delegated as God of random

and too many thoughts,

voice and words in a void,

all the fears and cautions of her

parenting now hole her up.

Furtive action of yesteryear

reduced, minimized

by dismissive progeny.

The celebration need never be grand

attentive ear with her detail fulfilled

is all that would break the mold of

'homebody bound'