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Doing the splits

Events in the south,

across the seas and even where I was born.

Rhetoric everywhere

It's a split

humanity every so often repetitively prides in it

“isms”, national pride, color pride, whatever it's a periodic splinter.

Whenever there is abundance

societal tendency indulges in higher virtue,

kinder thought.

Then it splits, the kindred as in “kind” lack testosterone

so starts public discourse.

Some job losses, redistribution of wealth

realigns all good intent inwards.

It only heals when suffering is collective

overbearing that each splinter screams.

Convened (as in Geneva the narrative was Genevieve~d) once

classified lawfully, defiled, “torture”

now open again to debate after

re-use, extensive, with detail regaled, precursor

to the masses heralding the ribald.

Tending towards a village now it will

fork, something or the other will

differentiate till 'later' the genome

surfaces the same, paid for pain.