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Flippant thoughts

Think seriously on
life eliminating
the fourth dimension, time,
or transcending the known three
of corporeal depth.

Some simplistic conjectures, tunnel viewed
and assimilated, listed below:-

What was before is true.
what will be after is true.
Something is gotta be happening
now to letter down or mandate the truth.
That what is life dispels slick
matter potentate, energizes,
simply rejuvenates.

Everyday negation of
each adaptive perspective
compels subscription to
novel foreign testaments.

Steer a course by chance
establish a norm
burrow deep into 'the course of life'
a sublime machination of the self: same chance.
An assumptive ignoramus states
'in the beginning neighborly particles
(size unknown)
pledged to maintain, status quo'
capture time and diminish a dimension.
A cap to a bottle
preserve matter as matter
the group thrived
as an eventuality multiplied
a first colony
seeking a horde of colonists.

In the soul is the answer, some fear
of the one dimension that whittles
mass plus it's confines of girth and such.
Burrow sensory precepts, replete with
biology and physics.
To rescind past chemistry's
humanly DNA molecule into
a paradoxically massless void, soul,
the root to the alleged
drive 'egging life'.

Non-material sentience
probably fascinated with
the process of
replicate, duplicate,
each replica subject
to the same fault.
The chaotic cauldron's
equation fluctuates,
a flippant molecule
wrecks havoc
with a resounding finality
Each reproduction mutates
creating a diversity in
Chaos in vibrancy of it's wrath
has equanimity and vagrancy
existing in phase.
Not speculating just rising and falling
across dimensional bars.
Sexuality stirred in it's most
nascent form.
deviant the existential (f)law.

Explore eternity not as a forever
but as a definitive log
to name the elusive math relation
that burst forth the (any) bang's content
the sentient law that was imbued
in the spreading physical mass
cognizant and versatile enough to jot down
the original bang's dimensional door;
albeit later by thus evolved human hand.