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Teenager befuddled

Fancies, rest assured, will long be crime
curious as a kid,
queer as a pig,
there are always insatiable whims.

For starters conjured you
as a picture on a wall.
In solitude a pal,
to address a captive listener.

Till erudite and vibrant colors,
so conveniently hung on a wall,
spoke to me at length.

I was reminded of
freshly painted toes of Venus,
of righted neglect.
Forced myself to repeat a hundred times,
"Uncut diamonds are
rubble amidst rubble."

Prize all silent vibes,
rake clean a heart and
with cool collected thoughts wish
make believe colors alive.

Hope in madness;
hope in solitude;

An old hand at solitude
jump at madness
albeit confused how to bring
swirling colors to partake
in fanciful flight.
Alternately could always ask the
girl what she felt about all the
liberties taken without consent.