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GPSed, go figure

Up on a tree
down in a valley,
where are you?

a bird's eye view !?
or the knowledge that walls surround you !?

Beneath you is lush grass,
graze upon it.
Water is plentiful,
drink it.
Why question more.

Live if you will,
fly if need be
to gaze on the possible desert
that lies without.

Hear the mama's bleat
the papa's beat.
The little girl cries
when the boy's head
is banging into the wall,
while he says, "oh, balls."

Those are whispers down the drain
words lost in a maze.

Caress a neck,
oh, please bite an earlobe.
give someone head.

Come and help all those
who wish to rest.
Dance, tap heels to beat
all the whispers back to the drain.