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Someone on the Moon

Someone had reason to shift
house to the moon.
In a craft of his own, not deigned for doom
one day he landed on the moon.
Alone and safe.
There he wrote verse
I recount it, none shall know
from where and whom.

"Today I landed
tomorrow I shall begin."

"From flights of fantasy
I have ventured to the moon."

"I shall write some lines each day,
for soon my words are to be defunct
but I wish no sooner be it so."

"In the house I now build
there is no calendar.
Soon with a roof from
'storm and wind'
I shall traverse the once
silver orb.
I shall know for certain
a few last human thrills,
that of conquest
and adventure fulfilled."

"Today out of habit old
I marked a few limits
and boundaries for eyes to behold;
tonight I will dream of
castles on hills,
tomorrow I shall withhold
my opinion of castles as strongholds."

"Time comes when one needs a game
none I know here amuse,
thus I play with my genitals
with vigor renewed."

"Games can't always be played
thus wearied with the last I knew
I gaze at genitals hanging waste."

"What was once a jump
is now a step.
and very soon the two words will mean the same."

"My sweat is gone.
Oh! Well, good riddance
to a nasty smell."

"The minutes are long,
the day stretched.
Have I really known years pass?"

"Time I realize now is actually lost,
do I forever remain here and young?"

"Ah! yes, all this accomplished
I am free to create
things I wished ever so long.
I simply lie on my back
close my eyes and play with colors
on a silver orb."

"'Now' I guess time is perpetually now."

"a stretch of white
neither ends in sight.
I streak across
trying to look for a break in white.
None do I see till I look at myself
my hair are black.
I pluck a few and
scatter them here and there.
The stretch is sweet
while my tears are salty.
Thus I shed all
that was in store.
Now I am bereft of all
there was to posses."

"Now all is black with sprouting red
it is quite a puzzle which seeks to engulf
the other hue.
But where is now the reason
for such teasers,
the last reason I had
left me here 'safe and alone'."

"Just look at it,
purple with strokes of yellow,
together they my eye behold.
Alone each is a bore of the utter type."

"Clouds of green, misty grass,
opaque air. That is the world I quit,
where living things could only be
felt by hand and touch.
Even then the texture I could feel best
was cold, stony and hard to bite.
It was nothing like my flesh,
it seemed dead bone.
That is an old nightmare
for the last time viewed."

"Churning gray smothering a delight
of Persian blue.
Oh! Shucks, till today I never knew colors could be
thralls to each others hue.
the rainbow alas 'now' is just another rebellion,
colors trying to break fee.
They blew reason sky high
became unearthly,
and ah! Yes! Nearer to the moon!
The rebels, the beautiful warriors
stand out distinct.
But reason confuses,
the rebellion takes on garbs
the beholder hands them out.
Each warrior up there (whose path leads to gold)
is shadowed and recognized by human eyes
because of those who streak by his side.
As in history, each usurper turns slave anew."

There were words and colors here
which mean nothing to us
therefore I take the liberty
of not reproducing them.
I recall now his last words.

"I posses, stranger realms and stranger worlds.
Like my disappearing words,
my colors too shall go.
Mistake not defunct words
and lost colors
with my end I warn.
My end may come but my marker
shall bear my name alone.
Words and colors may etch their own.
I may die possessing some
and dispossessed of some
maybe all."

"But then_________________

He wrote no more.