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Chanced nap

During a noon time nap
riding a stead mostly
a horse but with a surge
of emotions,
sprouted bumpy scales
and nostrils
flared real dragon breath.
Replete with flame
and a searing effect.

No, not fear, seated firm
an awareness of a fool
riding a crest. Only on

Dream content is unconjectured.
While the dragon flamed
the mind scurried to an oval pod
afloat in space.
The interior had chairs
and a podium to speak.


I never dismounted, never stepped in
but known people unknown memories
cooked up.
How normal it seemed one person
two places yet my presence was
not divvied up.

On my mount I observed
other riders riding up,
in the empty pod memory flooded
in of a blister
on a friend's hand. Parallel processed,
complete absence of perspective. I repeat
on getting there
Hark fear
Hark pain
Hark all else