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Revolution versus romance

A whole mass of teaming heads.
Limbs and arms flocking in
to oust a king,
to raise a voice,
"We are to be led"
Another hollered
"Elect, elect."

Myth replace myth
sin did the same.
None were forsaken
just given new names.
Hell being passed around
as one another's fate.

At a conclusion
they chose quasi lords.
As rebels freemen
as citizens duty bound.
Freedom short-lived, trust a misgiving.
Thrall and master switched around
definitely a new ‘mould’ they wrought.

Upside down.
Feathers bind manly ankles slight
and metal tickles
the hairy soles of feet.

With that
hopes and visions dashed
against sand.
no wounds to show,
no cause for screams.

a task to hide
to touch sore
but trite is a love bite.
Toss a coin to decide
between the bedlam of a revolution unveiled
and the mark of a one night stand.